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Agency Wellness Programs that Work

In this webinar, hosted by the NHTSA Office of EMS in collaboration with the US Fire Administration and other federal partners, the speakers explore approaches and philosophies agencies are using to help their people live well and thrive. Organizational psychologist John Becknell, PhD, a former paramedic, facilitates a discussion with Rhonda Kelly of Global Medical Response, one of the world’s largest EMS organizations, and Matthew Philbrick of Mercy Flights, a regional not-for-profit agency in Oregon. These inspiring leaders share how their organizations are proactively and practically addressing wellbeing in today’s challenging environment.

Rhonda Kelly is director of GMR Life with Global Medical Response, where she focuses on overall wellness, encompassing the physical, mental, emotional, social and spiritual domains. Prior to joining GMR, she served 17 years as a firefighter/paramedic with Aurora Fire Rescue in Colorado, where one of her roles included serving as health and safety officer. In 2016, she founded ResponderStrong, a mental health initiative for responders and their families, now housed at the All Clear Foundation.

Matthew Philbrick is a paramedic and currently works as the medical operations manager of the non-profit Mercy Flights in southern Oregon, overseeing a dynamic 911 ground operation, critical care flight medical operation, and an active communications center. He serves on Oregon’s State Trauma Advisory Board and chairs the Oregon EMS for Children committee.

John Becknell, PhD, is an organizational psychologist, author and former paramedic who studies and works with EMS, fire and law enforcement in areas of living well, peer support, organizational culture and leadership development.

Kate Elkins, MPH, an EMS specialist with the NHTSA Office of EMS and paramedic with more than two decades of EMS experience, will moderate