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Summer 2022

NEMSIS Data Update

EMS agencies nationwide continue contributing to the National Emergency Medical Services Information System (NEMSIS), providing valuable information that helps improve evidence-based practices in patient care. As of 2022, all states and U.S. territories with only two exceptions have joined the ranks (indicated in green), submitting ePCR data to version 3—the latest system update—of the NEMSIS National EMS Data Standard. But it’s the announcement of the addition of incident geographic location to the national database that has policymakers, researchers, and public health officials most excited about the growing ability of EMS data to inform health research and quality improvement at the national level.

New NEMSAC Members Set Priorities for 2022-23

Despite facing enormous challenges over the past two years, EMS organizations and clinicians may have more promising opportunities than ever. In their November 2021 and March 2022 panel meetings, NEMSAC's newest members gathered to discuss priorities for the industry. Read more here about the issues they addressed, from EMS as an essential service to cybersecurity.

A Farewell from Dr. Jon Krohmer

The recently retired director of the NHTSA Office of EMS expresses his profound gratitude for EMS clinicians and organizations alike in his farewell letter and encourages continued collaboration and evolution in the industry.

NASEMSO Releases Evidence-Based Guideline on Prehospital Pain Management

Funded by NHTSA and the Health Resources and Services Administration, this project examined current aspects of pain management in prehospital care, such as opioids, health disparities, and pediatric care. An expert panel consulted recent scientific literature to develop the evidence-based guideline that will help state and local EMS organizations and clinicians provide the best possible care.