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Spring 2021

Twenty Years of National EMS Data

Twenty years after its inception, the National EMS Information System is clearly serving the role envisioned all those years ago by providing critical data during the COVID-19 pandemic, facilitating EMS research and supporting innovations like the recently launched ET3 Model.

NEMSAC Acts on Education, Other Critical Issues

The members of the National EMS Advisory Council wrapped up their terms after several productive years representing the EMS community and its partners in Washington.

New COVID Webinar, Resources and More on

Recent EMS Focus webinar featuring CDC and EMS experts as well as new resources on offer critical insights and support for EMS organizations entering this new phase of the pandemic.

John Chew, former NHTSA EMS analyst, dies at 76

John Chew, a former NHTSA Office of EMS staffer, died in January. His legacy includes the National Park Service’s EMS program and the original EMS Agenda for the Future.

New Prehospital Emergency Care Article Addresses EMS Medical Care of Animals

Whether caring for injured law enforcement canines, pets rescued from fires or stray animals during disasters, EMS clinicians sometimes find themselves facing questions related to treating non-human patients. NHTSA Office of EMS public health fellow Katharyn Kryda, a veterinarian and disaster health specialist, recently published two articles that help shed light on the answers.

Seeking Input on First Responder Mental Health and Suicide

The NHTSA Office of EMS is collaborating with NIOSH and the NCICP to prioritize research and education regarding first responder mental health and suicide. In this blog post, learn more about the research, what challenges lay ahead and how you can be a part of finding solutions to this devastating problem.