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Fall 2018

CDC Researchers See Value in EMS Data

Thanks to an agreement between NHTSA and the CDC, researchers at the nation’s health protection agency can now more easily access national EMS data to study issues ranging from stroke to trauma to opioids. Dozens of CDC scientists learned more about the information collected by EMS clinicians and how they can use it to help solve some of the nation’s most pressing public health problems.

Federal Officials Discuss EMS Issues, Including Disaster Response, Opioids

The Federal Interagency Committee on EMS met earlier this summer, with officials from several agencies gathering to discuss a range of EMS topics. Funding for data interoperability, the opioid crisis, regionalization of disaster response and the revision to the EMS scope of practice model were just a few of the issues addressed.

New NEMSAC Appointees to Focus on Provider Wellness

In July, the Secretary of Transportation appointed 24 members to the National EMS Advisory Council (NEMSAC), each representing a different sector of the community. The new NEMSAC membership reflects the addition of a representative of EMS quality improvement professionals.

New Faces at the Office of EMS

The NHTSA Office of EMS welcomed one familiar face and one new face to the team this summer. Jeremy Kinsman, who has been serving as a public health fellow in the office, is now the newest EMS specialist. The Office also wishes farewell to Cathy Gotschall in her retirement after more than 19 years of federal service.