EMS Research

Analyzing data and measuring performance to enable improvement in EMS systems

Data-driven, evidence-based EMS systems can promote improved quality of patient care. This need was identified as a high priority in the Strategic Plan recently released by the Federal Interagency Committee on EMS (FICEMS). Through our work with our Federal partners, State EMS officials and national associations, NHTSA’s Office of EMS demonstrates our deep commitment to supporting the development of rigorous evidence for prehospital care.

We support the development and implementation of evidence-based guidelines (EBGs), which play a critical role in improving patient care and outcomes as treatment decisions are based on research and data more than ever before. Our efforts also include fostering standardization and improvement of prehospital EMS data via NEMSIS and other related systems and conducting outreach to stakeholders to support the development of a culture of evaluation and scientific evidence for prehospital care. We also support the development of key performance indicators for EMS.


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