EMS Agenda 2050

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EMS Agenda 2050 is a collaborative and inclusive two-year project to create a bold plan for the next several decades. EMS Agenda 2050 will solicit feedback from members of the EMS community to write a new Agenda for the Future that envisions innovative possibilities to advance EMS systems.


Twenty years ago, pioneers and leaders in the EMS industry described a vision of data-driven and evidence-based systems in the EMS Agenda for the Future. Since then, the profession has worked tirelessly to fulfill the vision set out in that landmark document.

What’s Happening Now

Throughout 2017 and 2018, the EMS community has worked together to develop a new vision for the future of EMS. Community members, stakeholder organizations and the public continue to play a role in developing EMS Agenda 2050, a new Agenda for the Future that identifies a vision for the next thirty years of EMS system advancement.

A Technical Expert Panel (TEP), comprised of leaders in EMS, healthcare and public safety, is charged with soliciting community input and drafting the Agenda. The TEP released a Straw Man document in September of 2017 to stimulate conversation and input from the community on what should or should not be in the new Agenda. Throughout the fall and winter, the project team held four regional meetings, as well as webinars and sessions at national EMS conferences, to solicit additional input.

In April of 2018, the project team released a draft Agenda for public comment. The final EMS Agenda 2050 will be published and shared later this year.

Who’s Involved

The EMS Agenda 2050 Technical Expert Panel is leading this community-wide effort. Click here to learn more about the members of the TEP.

EMS Agenda 2050 is supported by the:

  • National Highway Traffic Safety Administration Office of EMS
  • EMS for Children Program at the Health Resources and Services Administration
  • Office of the Assistant Secretary for Preparedness and Response at the Department of Health and Human Services
  • Department of Homeland Security Office of Health Affairs

The EMS Agenda 2050 project is managed by the Redhorse Corporation, with support from the RedFlash Group, through a contract with the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration.

What You Can Do

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  • Visit the EMS Agenda 2050 website for more information