Coronavirus/COVID-19 Resources

The EMS and 911 systems play a vital role in the response to public health emergencies such as COVID-19.

On the frontlines of the healthcare system, EMS clinicians and emergency telecommunicators are often the first to recognize or be exposed to a person potentially infected with the novel coronavirus. EMS personnel also transport patients who may need critical care services, help divert less sick patients from the hospital when systems are overwhelmed, and provide valuable data to public health partners.

To help ensure EMS personnel can appropriately and safely serve communities during the evolving COVID-19 pandemic, NHTSA’s Office of EMS and FICEMS members are working closely with each other and their partners to provide up-to-date, accurate information.

Below are links to resources available from U.S. Government and non-government organizations featuring important information on COVID-19, including current guidelines for evaluating patients and infection control. Also be sure to check out this recording of What EMS and 911 Need to Know About COVID-19, a special edition of the EMS Focus Webinar Series, and sign up here to receive emails about future webinars or important information from the Office of EMS.