EMS Agenda 2050 Releases Straw Man, Gets Ready to Kick-off Regional Meetings

What will EMS (if that’s what it’s still called) look like three decades from now? That’s one of the questions for members of the EMS profession to consider as they help create EMS Agenda 2050.

More than twenty years after the release of the original EMS Agenda for the Future helped set the stage for many of the improvements to the nation’s EMS systems, it’s time to once again look forward and create a vision for how EMS could best serve communities in 2050.

After receiving initial input from hundreds of people nationally, the EMS Agenda 2050 Technical Expert Panel has been working to create a Straw Man document that will include many of those ideas in order to stimulate further conversation, elicit feedback and develop a community-driven vision. The Straw Man was recently released, and the first of four regional meetings that EMS Agenda 2050 is hosting across the country will take place on September 25 in Silver Spring, Maryland.

“Although we’ve received some great input already, this is where the fun really starts,” said Mike Taigman, a veteran EMS thought leader and member of the EMS Agenda 2050 project team. “The Straw Man gives everyone an opportunity to look at some of the ideas that have been suggested and respond to them, refine them and create an EMS Agenda 2050 that is as visionary and important as its predecessor was two decades ago.”

The bulk of the program for each regional meeting will be conversations about different aspects of the future of EMS. The Technical Expert Panel will review the input received at each meeting, as well as other feedback, and spend the next several months developing and refining EMS Agenda 2050. In the spring, a draft of the community-driven effort will be released for a final public comment period before it is published and widely disseminated.

Members of the EMS community are encouraged to also reach out to stakeholders from outside of EMS, such as local public health and hospital partners or members of the general public, to find out what they think the EMS system should look like in 2050.

The other regional meetings are scheduled for November 7 in Minneapolis, Minnesota; January 17 in Los Angeles, California; and March 1 in Dallas, Texas.

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