logo2015 NEMSAC Appointment Application Process is Now Open


NEMSAC was formed in April 2007 as a nationally recognized council of EMS representatives and consumers to provide advice and recommendations regarding EMS to NHTSA.


Applications from emergency medical services experts are now being accepted to fill the 25 NEMSAC available seats. Representatives of various sectors of the EMS community are selected every two years to advise and consult with DOT and the Federal Interagency Committee on EMS (FICEMS) on matters relating to EMS.


Please direct questions to NEMSAC@dot.gov or call Noah Smith at 202-366-5030.




Important Application Information
(For full instructions on how to submit an application, refer to the Federal Register.)



NEMSAC Application Components


There is no standard application; instead please submit the following items in a single package to NHTSA for consideration:


  • A cover letter addressed to the Designated Federal Officer, Drew Dawson, that includes:

    • The applicant’s full name, title, home address, phone number, and email address

    • Under the heading “SECTOR(S) OF EMS” a listing of which sectors of EMS the applicant is applying to represent from the list of 24 to the right; and

    • An explanation of why the applicant is applying to be a NEMSAC member and how their experience and/or education qualifies them to represent each sector for which they are applying to represent

  • A resume or curriculum vitae

  • A short biography of the applicant including professional and academic credentials not to exceed 150 words

  • Up to four (4) letters of support or recommendation from a company, union, trade association, non-profit organization or individual on letterhead containing a brief description why the applicant should be considered for appointment

  • An affirmative statement that the applicant is not a federally registered lobbyist, and that the applicant understands that if appointed, the applicant will not be allowed to continue to serve as a Council member if the applicant becomes a federally registered lobbyist


NEMSAC Appointment Timeline


Applications must be received by December 1, 2014. Appointments will be made by the Secretary of Transportation, in coordination with the Secretaries of Homeland Security and Health & Human Services on or around April 22, 2015.



Submit Your Application


  • Email your application package to NEMSAC@dot.gov

  • Fax your application package to Noah Smith at 202-366-7149

  • Mail your application package by using only overnight mail such as UPS or FedEx to:
    Noah Smith
    U.S. Department of Transportation
    NTI-140, W44-326
    1200 New Jersey Ave., SE
    Washington, DC 20590


Questions? Please direct questions to NEMSAC@dot.gov or call Noah Smith at 202-366-5030.






EMS Sectors Represented:
- Volunteer EMS
- Fire based (career) EMS
- Private (career non-fire) EMS
- Hospital based EMS
- Tribal EMS
- Air Medical EMS
- Local EMS Service Administrators
- EMS Medical Directors
- Emergency Physicians
- Trauma Surgeons
- Pediatric Emergency Physicians
- State EMS Directors
- State Highway Safety Directors
- EMS Educators
- Call taker/Dispatcher (911)
- EMS Data Managers
- EMS Researchers
- Emergency Nurses
- Hospital Administration
- Public Health
- Emergency Management
- EMS Practitioners
- State or Local Legislative Bodies
- Consumers