NEMSAC Meetings

Public meetings of the NEMSAC are held throughout the year in the Washington, D.C. area. Please direct any questions about NEMSAC meetings to Eric Chaney at or 202-366-0257.

Stay tuned for details about the next NEMSAC meeting.
Materials from the July meeting will be available soon.

Meeting Minutes & Materials

Meeting agendas, minutes and working group updates as well as NEMSAC recommendations are available for meetings since 2008.  Scroll down to access previous materials, or sort by year to access a specific meeting date.

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October 15-16, 2018

Draft Meeting Agenda


December 1-2, 2016

Draft Meeting Agenda
Approved NARCAN Advisory of the NEMSAC
Approved REPLICA Advisory of the NEMSAC
Final Draft: Alignment of Scope of Practice Model and EMS Education Agenda for the Future
Final Draft: Changing Nomenclature of EMS
Final Draft: Community Paramedics and MIH
Final Draft: Standardized Data Manager Training
Final Draft: Recognizing the EMS Workforce As Essential Decision Makers
Final Draft: EMS Provider Formalized Educational and Credentialing Process
Final Draft: Successful Integration of Improvement Science in EMS
Final Draft: Mental Health and Wellness for the EMS Provider
Final Draft: Aligning Model Trauma System Planning and Evaluation (MTSPE) Document with National Trauma Care System Report
Final Draft: Universal Health Information
Finance Committee Advisory

September 7-8, 2016

Draft Meeting Agenda
Draft April Meeting Summary
Public Comment Draft: Narcan Advisory
Public Comment Draft: Universal Health Information
Public Comment Draft: Trauma System
Public Comment Draft: NEMSAC REPLICA
Public Comment Draft: Identifying EMS Workforce
Public Comment Draft: Funding and Reimbursement Model
Public Comment Draft: Fomalized Educational and Credentialing Process
Public Comment Draft: Data Manager Problem Statement
Public Comment Draft: Community Paramedic Data Set
Public Comment Draft: Alignment of SOP and EMS Education Agenda
Public Comment Draft: A Practice Analysis of CIH

April 18 – April 19, 2016

Meeting Agenda
Previously Adopted NEMSAC Recommendations
EMS Coalition Letter to NEMSAC
NEMSAC Member Biographies


August 29-30, 2012

Meeting Agenda
May 30-31, 2012 Draft Meeting Minutes
NEMSAC Charter - April 2011
NEMSAC Code of Conduct
FICEMS and NEMSAC Statutory Authorities
Advisory Recommendations of the NEMSAC
Position Statements and Letters of the NEMSAC
NEMSAC Ethics, Code of Conduct and the Federal Advisory Committee Act
Overview of the NHTSA Office of EMS
Ongoing Projects of the NHTSA Office of EMS
Overview of the EMS Programming at the HHS ASPR
Overview of the HHS EMS for Children Program
Overview of the EMS Programming at the US Fire Administration
Update from ACEP on the EMS Culture of Safety Strategy
NEMSAC Committee Operations

May 30-31, 2012

Meeting Agenda
March 2012 Meeting Executive Summary
Committee Membership, 2010-2012
EMS Culture of Safety Draft
Finance Committee Interim Advisory on Performance-Based Reimbursement
Safety Committee Interim Advisory on Fatigue in EMS
Systems Committee Interim Advisory on EBGs System Design
Systems Committee Interim Advisory on Interstate Credentialing
MOR Committee Draft Advisory on NEMSIS
MOR Committee Interim Advisory on EBGs
MUCC Response 05-23-2012 Final Draft
NEMSAC Charter (April 2011) Final Approved

March 28-30, 2012

Meeting Agenda
December 2011 Meeting Minutes
Request for Information from FICEMS to NEMSAC on MUCC
Education and Workforce Committee Draft Advisory on Leadership in EMS
Draft Advisory on the Future of Evidence Based Guidelines
Systems Committee Draft Advisory on Interstate Credentialing
Systems Committee Draft Advisory on Evidence Basis for EMS System Design
Update from the Systems Committee on EMS as an Essential Service
Finance Committee Draft Advisory on Performance-Based Reimbursement
The History of the EMS Education Agenda for the Future – Art Cooper
Overview of the EMS Education Agenda for the Future – Dan Manz
The Emergency Medical Services for Children Program – Tasmeen Weik
FICEMS Request for Information on MUCC – Robert Bass
Update on the Culture of Safety Strategy Project – Sabina Braithwaite