EMS Data

Collecting and sharing standardized EMS data to support improvement in patient care and EMS Systems

The collection and use of data in EMS systems nationwide is key to the improvement of operations, provider safety and patient care.

The Office of EMS has a long history of supporting the collection and use of standardized EMS data. Together with its Federal partners, NHTSA continues to innovate, fund and support a variety of efforts to help states and agencies make decisions from the most current available data.

EMS Data Use Video

This 2-minute video shares the various ways EMS data is used at the local, state and national level to improve care and develop evidence-based guidelines.

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Wonder where all that information collected in thousands of EMS patient care reports every day ends up? People across the country analyze it – from your local EMS service and regional planners to state health officials and medical researchers. And the more accurate those data are, the more they can be used to improve patient care, help fight public health emergencies and make EMS safer for providers and patients. Watch this new video to find out more.

The National EMS Dashboard: Traffic Crashes

Emergency Medical Services is an essential component of a comprehensive traffic safety system. NHTSA’s Office of EMS supports efforts to improve systems of emergency care for response to traffic crashes and all medical emergencies.

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NHTSA created the National EMS Dashboard, a visually interactive presentation of traffic crash data from the National EMS Database, making it easier for traffic safety professionals to access and use. The National EMS Dashboard offers valuable insights from the perspectives of health care providers – information such as the condition of crash victims, pre-hospital care, EMS transportation decisions, and transportation disposition immediately following crashes.

Whether you’re a researcher, EMS practitioner, federal safety or public health official, this intuitive data will quickly illustrate the potential impact of clinical information on reducing death and disability from traffic crashes. Go ahead – use the National EMS Dashboard and raise the bar on traffic safety.

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