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National Highway Traffic Safety Administration
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Meet The Team

Dr. Jon Krohmer

Director, Office of EMS, NHTSA

As the director of the NHTSA Office of Emergency Medical Services, Jon Krohmer, MD, oversees a number of initiatives focused on improving EMS systems in the United States. Since joining NHTSA in 2016, he has focused on collaboration—with other Federal offices and agencies, with national EMS organizations and with State and local officials. Dr. Krohmer, a board certified emergency and EMS physician, has more than 30 years of EMS and public policy experience. A longtime local EMS medical director for communities in Michigan and then Maryland, he previously served as president of the National Association of EMS Physicians (NAEMSP). Prior to joining NHTSA, Dr. Krohmer spent a decade with the U.S. Department of Homeland Security.

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David Bryson

Emergency Medical Services Specialist, Office of EMS, NHTSA

David Bryson is an Emergency Medical Services Specialist with more than two decades of dedicated service in the NHTSA Office of EMS. A longtime EMT and firefighter, David is focused on continuously improving the education and training of EMS providers through the implementation of the EMS Education Agenda for the Future: A Systems Approach. He also works closely with his colleagues at NHTSA and other organizations to make EMS safer for patients, providers and the public. David is currently chief of the Fairfax Volunteer Fire Department, which he joined in 1989 while a student at George Mason University.

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Laurie Flaherty

Coordinator, National 911 Program, Office of EMS, NHTSA

Laurie Flaherty worked as an emergency, trauma and flight nurse before joining the NHTSA Office of EMS as an EMS specialist. Since the creation of the National 911 Program in 2005, Laurie has served as its coordinator, helping strengthen 911 emergency communications systems across the country. Much of her current work involves coordinating with other Federal agencies as well as national, state and local organizations to implement Next Generation 911, a new digital infrastructure that will increase the resilience of the nation’s 911 system, and enable sharing of emergency data from 911 callers with public safety officials.

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Jeremy Kinsman

Emergency Medical Services Specialist, Office of EMS, NHTSA

Jeremy Kinsman first served in NHTSA’s Office of EMS in June 2015 as a public health fellow through a program sponsored by the Association of Schools and Programs of Public Health. Jeremy focuses on increasing knowledge and awareness of the value of EMS data and demonstrating how using data can improve EMS and support public health efforts. During his time at NHTSA, he has coauthored several published research articles that used the National EMS Database to shed light on the opioid crisis. A graduate of Tulane University, Jeremy first became an EMT in 2002, has taught trauma courses around the world, and continues to volunteer as an EMT in Maryland.

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Gamunu Wijetunge

Emergency Medical Services Specialist, Office of EMS, NHTSA

Gamunu “Gam” Wijetunge brings more than 20 years of emergency health services, workforce planning, and emergency preparedness experience to the role of Emergency Medical Services Specialist in the Office of EMS. An OEMS team member for nearly 17 years, Gam oversees the daily operation of activities related to improving the EMS workforce and EMS system emergency preparedness, including the development of the EMS Workforce Agenda for the Future and EMS Agenda 2050. When not applying his energy towards improving EMS systems nationwide, Gam volunteers as a paramedic and firefighter in Wheaton, Maryland.

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