911 System

Providing leadership and coordination to support and promote optimal 911 services

911, the universal number to call for emergency help nationwide, is a proven, life-saving service to the public. NHTSA’s Office of EMS oversees the National 911 Program, which envisions an emergency response system that best serves the public, providing immediate help in all emergency situations.

Through our work in the National 911 Program, we help 911 professionals deliver optimal 911 services to the public by providing Federal leadership and coordination and a variety of information, tools and resources, including model legislative guidelines, sample migration plans, grant information, benchmarking data, webinars and other educational materials for stakeholders.

This program, created by Congress as the Federal home of 911, currently focuses on supporting assessment and planning for the transition to more advanced ways for members of the public to access emergency response services.

Visit the National 911 Program at 911.gov.