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Winter 2020

Statewide Assessments Help Improve EMS Systems

State EMS systems consist of a complex network of entities that coordinate a vast number of resources focused on one important goal–saving lives. NHTSA convenes expert panels to assess those systems at the request of state EMS officials in order to help them make improvements.

Leaders of Federal Agencies Meet to Discuss EMS Priorities

Members of the Federal Interagency Committee on EMS gathered in Washington in December to discuss the issues facing local and state EMS systems and how federal agencies can support them.

National EMS Quality Alliance Releases Performance Measures

Building on the work of the EMS Compass initiative, the National EMS Quality Alliance, a new coalition of EMS stakeholders, has released performance measures to help EMS organizations benchmark and improve. Find out more and register for a webinar on January 30.

Revision of National EMS Education Standards Continues

A decade after the publication of the original National EMS Education Standards, the EMS community is continuing to revise and update the standards to meet the evolving needs of the patients and communities they serve.