FICEMS Reports

FICEMS is currently focused on achieving the six goals set out in its five-year strategic plan, released in 2014. 

Those six goals are :

  • Coordinated, regionalized, and accountable EMS and 9-1-1 systems that provide safe, high-quality care
  • Data-driven and evidence-based EMS systems that promote improved patient care quality
  • EMS systems fully integrated into State, territorial, local, tribal, regional, and federal preparedness planning, response, and recovery
  • EMS systems that are sustainable, forward looking, and integrated with the evolving health care system
  • An EMS culture in which safety considerations for patients, providers, and the community permeate the full spectrum of activities
  • A well-educated and uniformly credentialed EMS workforce

Below are a variety of reports of current activities to Congress, as well as other documents and memos that address progress toward these long-term goals.

FICEMS Annual Reports to Congress

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Documents and Memos